What is Myofascial Therapy?

Myofascial Therapy (or Sports Massage) is differentiated from oiled aroma or body massages, as it targets deeper areas of the muscle and tendon, which affects our body movement.

Over time our muscles may become tight with tension building up, leading to muscular soreness and pain. The objective of a Sports Massage is to target certain trigger points, thus releasing muscle tension, and improving blood flow to the muscle. There is a reason most professional athletes from Roger Federer to Lebron James get regular weekly Sports Massages. It helps with recovery and injury prevention as well. Plus it just feels REALLY good! 


Myofascial Therapy  / Sports Massage Therapy

Suitable for all ages and fitness levels. Try a session of Myofascial Therapy (Sports Massage) today! 

$110 for a one hour session

Packages available (6 sesions for $552)

Get Rejuvenated with Myofascial Therapy


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